The Japanese Kleenex Commerical aired in Japan for the first time in early 1986. It was banned from display after several people had complained about their health after watching it. Suspicions were made that this video might as well be cursed.

There were even rumours about the entire team that made the commercial had died that same year in what appeared to be weird accidents. It is also said that the women who participated as the actress had died as well. This obviously isn’t true, because she made her presence known even after people believed her to have died.

About the video, we see a women in a white dress sitting next to a baby on a hay bed or something alike. This is in the not-changed version of the commercial. The woman sings what appears to be the song "It's a fine day". The commercial lasts only 28 seconds.

Rumours about the commercial were told that something of it might change when you watch it at Midnight. This was verfied by Youtuber "Shrouded Hand" on the night of 28 March 2013, when he pressed the Youtube-released commercial from 2006. All seems fine until the woman lets off a tissue. The voice becomes static, hollow, and pitched down tremendously, as if the Devil is singing instead of the actress. The image becomes black and flashes more than 6 times before the woman's face gets distorted, making her look like a monster more than a human. A pair of eyes appear on the screen on the end, and the video crashes on the moment they open wider.

Trivia Edit

  • Some say that the woman was dead, however there is the actor on Wikipedia, and she is alive. The reason that this small trend of the cursed commercial had begun and held on to this day is unknown.
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